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Skycast is a weather app that tracks a user’s location and allows them to set a base home location which will render when they log in. It was created as a coding challenge.

Directions for Future Development

I had a blast working on this – I learned a lot, and I’m really looking forward to perfecting it. A couple of things I’d like to add:

  • Ability for user to click on a search & redo the search
  • Various UI bugs and oddities in the search and time machine sections of the site.
  • Adding icons to the views
  • Making the google and forecast handlers drier – they do mostly the same thing. For the sake of time I left them like that, but there’s surely some way that I can standardize them and boil them down to just one or two different functions.
  • Deeper work into cross-browser performance and mobile display.
  • Cleaner & clearer time machine result page
  • I was looking at this chart library and I think it would be a neat thing to include on the forecast

Technologies, APIs, and Credits

Skycast uses NodeJS and ExpressJS. It also uses MomentJS for formatting times and dates and axios to make both internal and external API calls.
Weather data is served using the Dark Sky API. Geolocation data comes from the built-in HTML5 property and the Google Web Services API.
Icons are from various creators on The Noun Project, including Mungang Kim, T Com, Yu luck, ProSymbols, and icon 54.